Penang Itinerary – 2 Days Trip

Penang Weekend Trip

It was a short visit from my university mates over the weekend. A simple and relax trip. I summarize it into a Penang itinerary 2 days as below:

Day 1 - Saturday
Morning:Pick up my friends from Penang International Airport
Breakfast at Joo Leong CafeMust try: Nasi Lemak, Toast, Half Boiled Eggs
Noon :A visit to USM, our university ^^
Lunch at Penang Road, Joo Hoi CafeMust try: Cendol, Char Koay Teow, Laksa
Check in Malabar Inn @ Lebuh Cintra2 Family Rooms (8 ppl) for USD 87.44 from Agoda
A quick Georgetown tour
Tea break @ Selfie Coffee, located at Love LaneA brand new enjoyment, but not for the taste of coffee ><
Night :Seafood Dinner @ TambunPrice was reasonable, taste is ok. Probably we didn't order the right food.
Happy Hour @ Talk Talk Bar (X'mas gift exchange session)Located at Pekaka Square, Sungai Dua

Day 2 - Sunday
Morning:Breakfast - initial plan was at Toh Soon Cafe but it was closed on that day. So we just had our breakfast at a nearby 'kopitiam'Kopitiam means traditional coffee shop. "kopi" = coffee, "tiam" =shop
Georgetown wall art tour cum Occupy Beach StreetOccupy Beach Street: Weekend Market that temporarily close streets to automobile traffic for activities at part of Beach Street (Lebuh Pantai)
Noon :Lunch @ Qing Tian (Sky Hotel)Must eat: Char siew, chicken rice
Check in Vistana Hotel - rest and relax at the hotelOnly 2 friends staying for another night, so they booked a hotel nearer to the airport.
Evening:Early dinner @ "Green Island Western Food", Bayan BaruReasonable priced western food. Taste is ok too.
After dinner coffee @ "Love A Loaf", Bayan BaruTheir breads are worth to try.
Night :Supper @ Subaidah, Sungai DuaMust eat: Nasi Lemak
My other favourites : Capati, "Air Limau" (lime drink)

Before sending them off the next morning, we had ‘Pan Mee” breakfast at Hou Mei Yuen, Bukit Jambul.


This is a very simple & straightforward itinerary for reference only. For further details, please look forward to my post in Travel Blog.